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NSW – Livvi’s Place Inclusive Playground, Wolseley Park

The project of an inclusive playground for ALL abilities (Livvi’s Place) in Gunnedah was driven by a local mum who started a petition in 2013, after she realised she was not alone in facing issues when she visited local parks with her young daughter and her son, who has autism.

‘The design was given the nod by Gunnedah Shire Council and the concept plan was developed by Kathryn Yigman of Stewart Surveys following extensive consultation with the community and the Inclusive Playground Working Group.’ The project then received funding from the State Government’s Stronger Country Communities program.

Proludic worked closely with Gunnedah Shire Council and Stewart Surveys to design and develop bespokeinclusive play equipment solutions, that also represent items of local significance, such as koalas. 

The inclusive playspace design meets the principles of the NSW Government “Everyone Can Play” guidelines, incorporating areas for active and passive play for children of different age groups and abilities, a sensory garden, picnic facilities, park shelters, barbeques and seating.

Photo courtesy of Stewart Surveys

Featuring in the junior play area and nestled amongst the trees is our seven metre high bespoke Koala Adventure Tower, designed to highlight the furry, local icon and Gunnedah Shires’ importance as the “Koala Capital of the world”! Proludic’s unique and award-winning “Grafic Games” technique was used to apply custom designed graphics to feature panels of koalas and gumtree leaves that are attached to the tower structure. The friendly koalas delight the locals and ignite the imagination!

Koala Adventure Tower
Koala Adventure Tower
Tower – custom graphics
Tower – custom graphics

The giant tower structure provides challenging physicalimaginative and social play opportunities for children from two to twelve years, and is designed to support children of varied physical and intellectual abilities.

It includes a towering spiral tube slide and myriad climbing challenges, as well as a wide variety of interactive and sensory play panels located at various levels. A ground level sensory play table is accessible by children using mobility aids, and an access platform with large, supportive handles and decks enable children to transfer from ground level to the tower. The wide staircase with enclosed side panels enables children to access the upper level play features, along with a supportive carer when needed.

Giant spiral tube slide
Accessible play table
Easily accessible stairs
Interactive play panels
Climbing wall and net
Climbing the Koala Tower

The play zone catering for younger children features Proludic’s inclusive and accessible Recycling Truck (J2684) designed not only as a fun space, but also to highlight the importance of recycling and environmental responsibility.

Accessible Recycling Truck

The Recycling Truck features many play activities such as climbing, sliding, balancing, manipulative play, observation and thinking games. Educational play panels associated with the recycling theme are present throughout and are accessible from both inside and outside the structure. A wheelchair-accessible ramp and a large space inside enables children in wheelchairs to play with other children, regardless of the different abilities of each child. There is also plenty of room for carers to assist.

Accessible Recycling Truck
Accessible Recycling Truck
Recycling-themed play panel
Inside the Recycling Truck

Additional Proludic inclusive play elements in this play zone include our award-winning Proludic Inclusive Trampolines (R34-ETP-500 ; R34-ETP-000) that give all children the opportunity to experience the joy and fun of bouncing; and the Tubophone J3410 (Talk Tubes) that encourage communication and interactive play amongst both children and adults.

Inclusive Trampolines
Inclusive Trampoline
Tubophone (Talk Tubes)
Tubophone interactive play

Other play areas that comprise the playground include a flying fox, swings and a wheelchair accessible sandpit. Accessible paths and safety surfacing throughout the entire playspace ensure everyone can gain access to each play area and provide a safe zone for kids to have a fantastic time together.

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